East Side Location

2800 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, Indiana 47714

Classes Offered

Introduction Class

75 minutes (all levels)

If you are new to yoga or simply want a more in-depth breakdown of the poses, this is a great introduction to the Hot 26 class, with an emphasis on the basics of hot yoga, breathing, and alignment. Relaxed and informal with Q&A opportunities.


Yoga 101 (Eastside)

90 minutes (all levels)

Drawing inspiration from Bikram and Jimmy Barkan, this class follows a sequence of postures that never changes. This traditional 90 minute hot yoga class means we can do almost every posture 2 times to build endurance, strength, confidence and a strong mind/body connection in each posture. The Yoga 101 series allows participants to gain a better understanding of how the postures work while continually challenging them as their practice progresses.

Fusion 75

Add a little variety to your practice with Yoga Fusion! This class includes popular poses from other yoga practices and fuses them together. Variations will be offered for students who are ready to explore and playfully deepen their personal practice. Each fusion class will be unique without straying too far from the basics.


Fusion 65

65 minutes (all levels)

This is a 65 minute version of the “Fusion” class.